Vampire I Chess Set

Vampire I Chess Set


Additional details: Are you ready for a “cut-throat” war game with Supernatural Warriors? Vampires are blood-drinking creatures whose very existence depends on satisfying their thirst. Without a readily supply of blood, these two covens are about to partake in a gruesome strategy game for more food and the remaining supernatural world! This unique chess set is intended for both art lovers, game lovers, and those who have relatively unusual “tastes”. 


Note: The chess board is not included in this set (game pieces only). If you are interested in a custom chessboard (different from this picture), please contact us!


Description of creation: Hand-sculpted, hand-painted, and individually stamped with the artist’s signature, each of the 32 sculptures are a piece of art. Sculptures consists of polymer clay, metal eyes, acrylic paint (one coven is shades of greens and the other coven is shades of purple), and a protective clear satin gloss. The smallest piece measures at approximately 3.25cm tall, 1.5cm wide, and 3cm long. The largest piece measures at approximately 11cm tall, 4cm wide, and 3.5cm wide. The total weight of this chess set measures at approximately 2lb. You will never find the exact same pieces because this set is entirely hand crafted. 

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