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About: Bio

Artist Biography

Her art is a series of wonderfully obscure narratives that capture a moment in time. Like a photograph of a subject in motion, she sculpts, draws, or paints a scene, with fictional subject(s) in some kind of plot-like predicament. These often-unfortunate subjects portray symbolic and relatable real-world experiences to viewers. Nadine also adds an element of imagination, often personifying the subjects. To characterize Nadine’s artistic style, it would be described as whimsical, surrealism, and sometimes satirical.

Nadine strives to accomplish two main goals with her artwork. First, she wants to create an emotional connection between the viewer and the artwork, as well as a connection between all viewers of her art. Whether the emotional connection is a happy, frustrating, sad, or other personal feeling, people of all ages and backgrounds are reminded of their humanity. Hopefully, inspiring them to enjoy all their life experiences and are moved to share/bond over those evoked experiences.

About: Bio

Nadine’s second goal in creating artwork, is to call the viewer into (further) action. She wants her art to inspire and provoke viewers to make positive changes not only in their lives, but in the lives of others in their community. Whether it be a supernatural chess set that ironically teaches players about strategic moves and calculated risks with their work and/or personal relationships, to some crazy-faced fish who has seen some trauma and survived, I hope to leave a legacy of positivity. 

As a self-taught artist, Nadine does not have a formal art training/education (although she earned a Master Degree in Business). However, Nadine has enjoyed sculpting since she was a child. When Nadine was young, she had challenges hearing and this experience had a positive impact on her, causing her to become more aware of visual communication ques and body language of others, which she applies to her art. Additionally, Nadine pulls inspiration from her life experiences and travels (physical and spiritual) which includes her time serving active duty and as a contractor for the United States Army and other healthcare organizations.

If you enjoy Nadine’s unusual creations, please subscribe to her company webpage this webpage and Instagram ( Thank you for your support!

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