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If you are interested in custom creations, collaboration, or other inquiries,

  -   contact me!

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When you subscribe:

  • You will receive a quarterly newsletter, and occasional event information or event updates.

  • Your information WILL NOT be used for any reason other than communication from us to you.

  • You WILL NOT receive more than three emails per month.

With our newsletter, we have two goals:


  1.      Make you smile more. I believe that the world is too serious and we all can use more laughs. I also hope that my art moves you to make a positive impact on others. In my newsletters, I will show new art and the stories behind them.​

  2.      Build a relationship with my community. I want to interact with my subscribers. As a small and locally owned business, I NEED your feedback and opinions, so that I can make impactful and meaningful art. I can also support my community with this art, so I hope to highlight various causes and charity events that my art will be supporting. I also want your suggestions on important events!

I hope this information helps you understand that I believe in art and connections. I am too busy creating and communicating to spam anyone! However, I subscribing is the only way you will receive discount codes and occasional gratitude gifts! Please, feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or great suggestions!!!


Yours Truly,

Nadine McDowell

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Please use this form for all direct inquires and feedback. If you are interested in new artwork and other news - don't forget to subscribe!


Note: If you are interested in custom creations, collaborations, teaching, and any media opportunities.

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