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Quarantine: Ms. Lazy Inner Demon

Quarantine: Ms. Lazy Inner Demon

SKU: CZF0007

Background: This unique sculpture is part of the “Quarantine Series”. It is reflective of the extreme lifestyle changes that people have had to make around the world (throughout the 2020 year), to remain safe and stop the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic. This sculpture is a depiction of our inner demon, bored in quarantine, as all non-essential workers and businesses were mandated to stay home and close (respectfully). In a time of isolation and uncertainty, it is important to remember that there is a “sunny” side (an optimistic message) to every dark or challenging situation. 

Only one question remains, is this your inner demon or is she someone else’s inner demon – indulging in the extended vacation at home?


Description of creation: Hand-sculpted, hand-painted, and individually stamped with the artist’s signature, means you will never find the exact sculpture! This artwork consists of polymer clay, acrylic paint (primarily maroon sunburn, pink sink undertones, metallic silver bathing suit, and light blue slippers), and a clear protective satin gloss. She measures at 4.5cm tall, 27.5cm long, 13cm wide, and 1.5lbs in weight. The white tile base for the art measures 1.75cm tall, 30cm long, 14.75cm wide, and 1.12lbs. This imaginative work comes with a certificate of authenticity

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