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Hesitant High Diver

Hesitant High Diver


Story: This hesitant high diver is that person who doesn't like when life changes and will begrudgingly changed when forced. He came prepared for the change/jump but knows that he is still not ready for what is about to happen.


Are you this guy or is he someone you know? What is it that this causing this diver to hesitate??


Description of creation: Hand-sculpted, hand-painted, and stamped with the artist’s signature, the sculpture consists of polymer clay, acrylic paint (green and yellow swimsuit, orange floaties, beige skin, as well as white and brown eyes), and a protective clear satin gloss. The sculpture stands in a wooden grey and black frame. In total, the sculpture measures at approximately 9.5cm tall, 15.5cm wide, 22.5cm long, and 1lbs and 7oz in weight. You will never find the exact same work because this it is entirely hand crafted.

  • Return Policy

    Return policy will be handled individually, based on the needs and concerns of the customer.

  • Damage

    If your artwork arrives damaged or becomes damaged in any other way, please contact us directly. Each case will be addressed individually.

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